Maybe you can’t change the whole world,
but you can change the world of a child.
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Become a Foster Parent

What does it take to become a foster parent?

The basic requirements for individuals or families wishing to become foster parents are set by the State of Illinois. Applicants can be single adults or couples that are in civil unions or are married; that are at least 21 years of age. They can be parents as well as individuals who have never had children of their own.

They must be law-abiding citizens, in good physical and mental health, and have sufficient household income to suitably care for themselves and their own children in their homes.  All licensed foster parents are compensated for their work with and support of our children. The specifics are established in our contract with DCFS and depend on various factors that will be explained throughout the licensing process.  In addition to a generous compensation, Camelot Care Centers provide In-Home Counseling, Case Management, 24-hour Support, Extensive Training, and Paid Respite Days.

Once licensed, Camelot matches a child with your home. Camelot looks at the needs of each particular child referred and matches them with a home based on the strengths, experiences and preferences of the foster families. Information is shared with the foster parents about the prospective referral and pre-placement visits are arranged for the family to meet the child.

Above all, Camelot Care Centers seeks foster parents who are willing to change the life of a child - someone who can make the commitment to provide a safe and stable environment along with quality, loving care for troubled children and youth in Illinois.

Foster Parent Testimonial:
"For those who feel they don't know what they can do to change the world, become a Foster Parent. Fostering a child can mean the world in the life of a child who is in need of someone to care about them and for them . In a world where we are always running from here to there we always come home and that's what foster kids need a home. As much as we talk about how society is not teaching the children the values we learned as child... become a foster parent. Change the world one child at a time...become a Foster parent."Charlotte Crawford

Maybe you can't change the whole world,
but you can change the whole world of a child.
Please call and take the first step.

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