Maybe you can’t change the whole world,
but you can change the world of a child.

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Therapeutic Mentoring
Therapeutic mentors are positive role models who assist youth to find, nurture and exercise their strengths.  They seek to increase youth's positive social behavior, decrease their involvement with the legal system, and to help youth become more interested, connected and responsible members of their communities

They independently provide therapeutic mentoring to clients who are at the Adolescent Level of care. All activities will be based on the client’s Individual Treatment Plan, most recent service plan and any applicable crisis that may currently have had an adverse effect on the client. In addition, provides training in the areas including, but not limited to Life Skills, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution and Fiscal Responsibility. The mentors work closely with the family, case manager and clinician to implement the goals and objectives that have been established.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. A candidate is required to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school and one (1) year of experience working with the target population is required.

Testimonial: Elizabeth Janvier, Mentor

"When I first started mentoring, I was nervous about the level of impact that I would have on my client’s' progress. However, I have learned to accept and understand that every child has their own pace at attaining their success. I have also learned to maintain my boundaries between myself and the client as I have struggled with keeping a straight line between being a mentor and a “big sister” or “friend”. I have a level of attachment with each of my past and current clients, and termination has been challenging. However, it is a part of life and my clients understand that too. I am currently working on improving my clinical skills and creativity to help increase the quality of therapeutic mentoring with my clients and hope that while doing so, I can witness the change and progress in my client’s' life."

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