Maybe you can’t change the whole world,
but you can change the world of a child.

Clinical/Treatment Philosophy

Camelot Care Centers employs a comprehensive, team-approach to its clinical care and treatment philosophy. Camelot’s clinical and treatment philosophy is child-specific and tailored to the needs and diagnosis of the individual child. The team approach is the foundation of clinical care for our foster youth. Camelot believes it is the combined efforts of the clinician, caseworker and foster parents along with the entire treatment team at Camelot that ultimately leads to a child’s success and improved mental health.

Camelot utilizes in-depth mental health evaluations and, when necessary, psychiatric care to formulate comprehensive treatment plans for all youth in need of clinical care and treatment. Camelot staff utilizes the comfort, security and convenience of the home environment for clinical treatment. Foster parents are informed and included every step of the process and are a necessary component for success in treatment. Camelot believes all children, no matter their history or diagnosis can achieve individual successes.



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